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Dear friends,

After a marathon time video conferencing in Thursday (10 a.m. — 9. 15 p.m. with few breaks), I gave the laptop a rest today and a took long walk, with Fiona, around the south shore of Rutland Water. Very few other people had ventured out bringing a feeling of privacy. Mostly we enjoyed warm sunshine, with a mixture a very strong winds, stillness, and just one short shower. There is something about the vastness of the lake that brings a sense of awe and wonder. Strange to see it so devoid of boating; one moment completely calm and the next bristling with surf-capped waves. A Red Kite flew alongside us as we walked over the Dam, effortlessly gliding in the breeze. Consumed a fresh three cheese and onion salad baguette whilst sat on a bench-with-a-view. Quick visit into Stamford. It was good to see shops gradually re-opening and the street market in place. Resisted the lobster on the market fish-stall. Have no idea how to prepare them. And ideas? I do have a hammer and am quite okay at jointing and cleaning; then, of course, I follow The Carpenter! It rained on the way back... so will need to clean the car again tomorrow. Never has it been seen so much of one sponge. We both had a nap on our return home. What have you been doing?

For the second day running we are blessed with a message from a lady from Cornerstone. Thank you to Joan Gray for providing our thought for this day. Please see the attached. here is a link to the hymn that Joan references in her Thought for the Day.

Here is the invite to join together for chat on Sunday morning. Do not be afraid of 'zoom', it is easy to use. If your phone or computer has a camera then you can make it work. Just 'click' on the link in blue font. Phone me if you want some help.

Andrew Farrington is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Circuit after worship chat
Time: Jun 7, 2020 10:30 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 642 703 8726
Password: 4316

Very best wish, Andrew

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