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Sunday 7th July! Bring your friends to Wicksteed Park at 6.30pm and enjoy a summer BBQ and a game of cricket.

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Love Divine
Webteam: Sun 05 Jul 9:11am

Friends,There appears to be a problem with the link I sent you earlier for worship tomorrow:Please try this one (even though it looks to be identical).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z5uGGU2AVM&list=PL37UjspluA2Ay2yZbhG4YZuuoj35ejyspSorry for the confusion.Please don't forget to join for coffee...

A time to live, a time to die
Webteam: Wed 01 Jul 12:30am

Dear friends,In order that I might have a few days/hours break this week, I have batched together the 'Thoughts for the Day'.For 1st July, I share with you some of my reflections regarding Ecclesiastes 3:1-14 'there is a time for all things'. https://youtu.be/UZwp3VgA84gOn Thursday 2nd July, Rev. Jean Holyhead encourages us to ask 'Who...

John Fletcher
Webteam: Mon 29 Jun 10:22am

Dear friends,I enclose two thoughts in one email:Monday 29th June. The theme of Christian Growth is led by Alan & Maureen Johnson.Please follow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa0hkxKQ88w&list=PLOssA46ANeapWFbcm6rgWxt2IEWWPZdbI or the attached sheet for...