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On Sunday 25th March 35 members of Central's congregation shared in an Experience Easter event, this is a resource that has been designed by the Diocese of Gloucester.

1 Hopes and Dreams
2 Servant King
3 Lords Supper
4 Gethsemane
5 The Cross
6 Easter Day

The Junior Church led the service which was full of Drama, readings, discussions and Hymns of Praise and then we all enjoyed a time of fellowship eating a delicious meal prepared by a team of volunteers. We began by sharing the story of Holy Week and imagining ourselves going on a long journey to Jerusalem and then we travelled in small groups around the Church visiting 6 different stations to reflect on the events leading to Easter Day. The first station was called Hopes and Dreams and we looked at the Story of Palm Sunday and Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, we looked at the hopes of the crowd and the hope that he brought to the people. Station 2 was called the Servant King , we passed a bowl of water around and washed each others hands and dried them and reflected on ways we could reach out and help others like Jesus did. Station 3 was the Lords supper, we looked at the significance of the Passover meal and shared bread together and shared our thoughts on how we remember Jesus. Station 4 was the Garden of Gethsemane, we thought of Jesus praying to his Father because he was afraid of what was happening, we reflected on times in our own lives when we have fear about things we are facing. Station 5 was the Cross and Christ's suffering on the Cross. To help us pray for people who are suffering we threaded buttons onto cord and hung them on the cross and offered our prayers to God. The final station was Easter Day, where we gathered around an empty tomb and thought of the feelings that the Disciples felt when they found the tomb empty, we looked at the New life it brought and the hope it offered.
I think that everyone that took part in this special day really enjoyed the quiet reflection and I hope that it made people feel closer to God and learn more about the events of Holy week.