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The first event in a series led by David Bosworth — a morning of quiet reflection entitled "Music and Stillness" to help us to draw nearer to God. It will be held on Saturday 12th May at Central Methodist Church from 9.30am (meet at 9.15) to 11.30am. Please contact the Circuit Administrator on 07842 478693 or methodistcircuit@gmail.com to book your place.

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Kitchen before Decoration
Webteam: Mon 21 May 9:05pm

This is a BIG couple of weeks for the Cornerstone kitchen. The initial electric wiring has been done and plastering is completed. Today the first coat of paint was put on and tomorrow, 22nd May, the boiler will be fitted. Thursday we will get a new floor and next week the cooker arrives, joined by the remainder of the kitchen over the following few days.Here you can see the kitchen before the...

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 23-16-46
Webteam: Thu 17 May 11:09pm

The Cornerstone website has a great new look and is now linked with the Circuit. We can still be found via the address www.corbymethodists.org . We hope you like our new pages, so please explore and let us know what you...

tea, coffee, drink, women
Webteam: Thu 17 May 10:42pm

Friendship Group will be held for the last time this season and will be taking a summer break after this meeting. Today will be a 'Members Afternoon' so please feel free to bring your thoughts and your fellowship to Cornerstone for a pleasant afternoon. Bring along your friends and neighbours too! The afternoon starts at 2.30pm and lasts about 1...